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Frequently Asked Questions

“I was encountering a wave of emotions, despair, and questions but as each question was answered my confidence grew as I decided to place my baby for adoption. Today I know it was the right decision.” – Birth Mother

Do I have to have my mind made up when I call?

No, in fact it is rare for a woman to commit to adoption during the first phone call, text, or e-mail. In fact, we understand you need to gather information to determine if this is the right decision for you and your baby. You may know right away that adoption is right for you or you may not make a decision until after the baby is born. Adoption Start is here to educate you and help you determine if adoption is right for you and your child.

Why do women choose adoption?

There are many reason women choose adoption and the reasons will be unique to you and your situation, below are a few common reasons women choose adoption.

  1. Father of the Baby- it is common for women to explore adoption because the father of the baby is not in the picture making parenting twice as challenging. Also, the father may be pushing to make a decision you do not agree with such as abortion.
  2. Finances- Parenting is expensive, and many women or couples dealing with an unplanned pregnancy or new born have not reached a stage in their life where they are able to provide all of the necessities they want for their child.
  3. Not Ready to Parent- some women choose adoption because they are simply not ready to raise a child at this stage in their life. They may not be emotionally ready, they may have aspirations to complete school or focus on a career, or they simply may not be ready for the huge responsibility of parenting.

Adoption Start wants to help you learn if adoption is right for you and your situation. Please contact us to learn more.

How will I know if adoption is the right decision for my child’s future?

This is your adoption and you will be involved with the decisions and parameters you want in adoptive parents for your child. Adoptive parents go through an extensive screening to become eligible to be adoptive parents from background checks, financial checks, home inspections, and medical reviews.

Ultimately you state the qualities you want in a family and Adoption Start works to provide you with families who meet those qualities. Adoptive families are all unique and we believe we will help you find a perfect baby for you and your child. Here are some things you may consider when choosing a family.

Some things that may be important to you for your child’s future:

  • The opportunity to go to college
  • Living in city or in the country
  • Siblings, do you want a family to already have siblings in the home or do you want no siblings
  • Education you may want to know more about a school system an adoptive family lives in
  • Sports the opportunity to play or be introduced to sports or other extra activities
  • Raised in a certain faith
  • Vacations and travel do you want a family who values travel

What if the father of the baby does not agree with my adoption plan?

We work with many women with birth fathers who do not agree with the adoption plan. We will analyze your situation and guide you in the right direction. Call 1-866-241-1496

What if the father of the baby is in agreement with my adoption plan?

Please understand even if the father is in complete agreement with your decision to place your baby for adoption there are still legal step that must be followed in the adoption process. The value of Adoption Start is our legal team and counselors can educate you and the birth father on what steps must be followed to insure everyone is comfortable with the adoption plan.

Do I have to include the birth father in the adoption?

We do encourage birth father participation, but understand that sometimes the birth father is not willing, supportive, or healthy to the birth mother. First and foremost we want to do make sure you and your baby are safe and together we can make the correct decisions for your adoption.