Are you considering adoption for your baby?

“I have a lot of respect for my birth mother…I know she must have had a lot of love for me to give me what she thought was a better chance.” – Faith Hill (Country Singer)

Are you considering adoption for your baby? We are here to discuss your options and the needs of you and your baby. We have extensive adoption experience but know that every unplanned pregnancy or adoption situation is unique and we begin by listening to you and help you decide if placing your baby up for adoption is the right decision for you.

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Why should I choose Adoption Start?


Adoption Start is a professional Indiana law firm and Adoption Agency partnership with extensive adoption experience in Indiana. We bring our attention on beginning the adoption process by focusing on the needs of individuals facing an unplanned pregnancy, or researching adoption for their baby, and educating them on the options they may have and offering them confidential counseling, support, and legal aid when researching not only the option of placing a baby up for adoption, but all of the options they legally have.

We understand that terms like “put baby up for adoption” or “give baby up for adoption” are not terms Adoption Start agrees with, but please understand these terms are common with people researching adoption on the internet. Adoption Start wants you to understand that we are glad you have come to our site looking for adoption information for your unique situation. We will listen to you, and understand your circumstances and use our extensive experience to help you make a confident decision about you and your baby’s future. Please understand at no time do we believe you are ever “Giving up, you are Showing Your Love”