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Choosing a Family for Your Baby

“If a mother and father can love more than one child then why is it so hard to understand that a child can love more than one mother and father?” – Unknown

Adoption Start wants you to know we require all of our families sign a waiver promising they will inform your child he or she is adopted. This will be done at a young age to insure your child understands and is comfortable with their adoption journey.

Research has shown that a child or children that are adopted benefit from knowing this fact early in life. The professionals at Adoption Start strongly believe that adopted children must know they are adopted and insure that the subject of the adoption is always open to talk about and that it sheds a positive light on all parties involved. Even if you choose to have a closed adoption your child will always know and understand they are adopted and the love it took to get him or her where they are now.

You may wonder why we do not throw pages of adoptive family pictures on our website for you to look at. We feel that falling in love with a family’s picture may not be a family that is right for you or your baby. You are in charge of choosing a family and we want to get to know all of you wants and needs for your child, and then we will present you with families that line up with your wishes. This is a process that no one should take lightly this is your baby or child and we want you to be as involved and in control as you want to be.

Adoption Start works with families from all over the United States and Canada. We are confident we will present the right families for you to choose from based on your wishes.

Families presented to you will have gone through a very thorough evaluation, and below are few guidelines they must meet to be able to adopt:

  • Have a strong relationship and are committed to everyone involved in adoption
  • Have the financial ability to provide for your child
  • Shows a genuine interest in wanting to know you, based on the amount of contact you are seeking.
  • Completed and current Home study. This involves Criminal Background Checks, health clearance, financial status, personal references and face to face interviews with social workers in their home.
  • They must understand what is important to you in your adoption plan