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Your Adoption Plan

“I choose adoption for my baby and seeing her grow up into the woman she has become and the woman I have become tells me I made the right decision” – Birth Mother

When you are creating your adoption plan remember it is your plan, and right now you may not have any idea what your adoption plan needs to contain. 
While every adoption plan is unique our staff will help you make the decisions to ensure your adoption plan is created with the needs of you and your child. We will let you know what you need to plan on during your adoption journey. Below we have listed a few things to consider. 

Through our experience working with many birth mothers and expectant mothers we will help you think of all of the small details you need to be aware during your adoption.

1. Choosing Your Adoption Professional in Indiana

Choosing an adoption professional to assist you through your adoption journey is one of the most important decisions for you and your child.
This decision is even more important if you reside in Indiana. The law in Indiana only allows Indiana Licensed Child Placing Agencies or Indiana Licensed Attorneys to place advertising, or provide adoption services.
Please ask the professional you are working with for their Indiana Child Placing Agency Credentials or Indiana Attorney Credentials. In the event they cannot provide these credentials they are illegally providing adoption services in Indiana. The law only imposes penalties on the Adoption Professional not expectant mothers or biological parents.

2. Choosing an Adoptive Family

This step is done by some birth mothers quickly or some take a longer time to make this decision. We want to make sure you are making the right decision for you and your child and will help you with any questions you may have in this step. To get more detailed information on this step please go to the choosing a family section of the website.

3. Financial and Emotional Support

This step we look at your current situation and help you decide what support you may need during the adoption process this may include:

  • Prenatal Health and prenatal doctor if you do not already have one.
  • Housing
  • Living Expenses (Utilities, Groceries, Phone Services)
  • Medical Expenses
  • Transportation
  • Many more according to the laws of your state

4. Hospital Stay

You have full control over your hospital stay. Your adoption coordinator will prepare you for what to expect at the hospital, and help you create your hospital plan and coordinate this plan with the hospital staff, and insure your hospital stay goes as smoothly as possible for all of the
individuals involved.

5. Post Placement Support

We understand that the entire adoption process is a very emotional event, and adoption start and the staff at adoption start have been with you the entire step of the way, but we will also support you after the adoption to insure your are emotionally supported and understand what to expect after the adoption is finalized.