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Open Adoption Choices

“Open adoption is being fortunate enough to watch the child I placed for adoption grow up and not live in fear, guilt, or regret.” – Birth Mother

The term open adoption is a widely used term and you may have even used this term to reach Adoption Start through your research. Open adoption coincides with the term closed adoption. The two forms of adoption vary in their degree of openness between you and the adoptive family after your child’s adoption is finalized.

  1. Completely Open Adoption is when visits are agreed upon and will occur according to what you agree upon with the adoptive family.
  2. Semi-Open Adoption is the agreement to send pictures and letters or communication through social media.
  3. Open adoption as the child becomes a certain age. This type of open adoption happens when the child reaches a certain age and your information is given to the child and if your child wants to meet you and arrange visits they will be arranged.
  4. Communication through the adoption agency or attorney. You and the family will correspond through the adoption agency or an adoption attorney.
  5. Closed Adoption means you ask agency to place your child with a family that meets your requirements and no communication occurs and it is up to you to release your information as your child becomes an adult.

The most popular open adoptions chosen by our birth mothers are usually a Semi-Open Adoption or a combination of some of the above examples. Please let us know your wishes and we will help you create an open adoption plan for you and your child.

Understand that even if you choose a closed adoption it is Adoption Start’s policy that the adoptive family must communicate with the child from the beginning he or she is adopted. The employees who have adopted at Adoption Start have all communicated with their adopted children the fact they were adopted and this is established in the child’s history. They will know their adoption story and it will be communicated in positive light.